Two Faces: BookTwo Faces: BookTwo Faces: BookTwo Faces: BookTwo Faces: Book

Lee Duegyoung: Two Faces, Specter Press, 2010. Published in conjunction with an exhibition of the same name, Songwon Art Center. Printed and bound by Top Process. Offset lithography, Asian folding and adhesive binding, page size 180 x 240 mm, 176 pp; supplement: offset printing, saddle stitching, page size 120 x 180 mm, 16 pp.

With essays by Lim Geun-jun and Rhee Z-won.

Lee Duegyoung’s Two Faces is “a panoramic picture of the Hangang riverside landscape, composed of about 13,000 photographs Lee took for four days on several boats (cleaning boat, cruise boat, municipal boat), traveling the 48 km waterway of the Hangang from the upper region of Misa-ri, Gyeonggi-do, passing through Seoul, all the way down to Gimpo area, Gyeonggi-do.” (Lim Geun-jun, p. 55)

ISBN 978-89-93061-24-6 93660
Text in English and Korean
Out of print

Two Faces Two Faces

Photos by Kim Kyoungtae

Conceptually, the documentation book Two Faces is a combination of two books: one with the north side view and the other the south side. The book is constructed as if the two books are put together bottom-to-bottom, so that the two views from the Hangang correspond to each other geographically. The pages are Asian-folded to create the impression of a continuous flow of the landscape. The cover shows the entire work compressed widthwise to 2%. A short, personal essay by Rhee Z-won, reflecting the modern history of the Hangang, is included as a supplement.