Ob.scene 5


Photos courtesy of MMCA

Seo Hyun-Suk, Kim Seonghee, and Sulki and Min, Ob.scene, no. 5, 2016. Site-specific, mixed-media installation, dimensions undefined. Exhibited in Void, curated by Jeong Da-young and presented at National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, 12 October 2016–5 February 2017.

“Published” as part of the exhibition Void at the MMCA Seoul, the Ob.scene 5 is unfolded — performed — in the physical space rather than on printed pages. Instead of reading a book in hand, the reader is guided to visit the twenty “pages” set up on various spots in the museum, empathetically experiencing the space while listening to the prepared sound or gazing upon some unexpected installations. The reader is invited to create solitude moments for oneself in the busy museum and to meditate on the past memories still lingering around the site.