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Kim Seonghee and Seo Hyun-Suk, eds., Ob.scene, no. 6, Suwon: Specter Press, 2016. Published in conjunction with the exhibition Void, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. Offset printing, saddle-stitching, page size 297 x 420 mm, 24 pp. Printed and bound by Top Process.

Ob.scene is a performing arts journal focused on the “things out of the stage.” Ob.scene no. 6 is a printed response to the previous issue, which took the form of an installation-performance in a physical space. The text is a collage of quotes from other books, films, or songs. The sources range from Bataille and Bejamin to Barthes and Badiou, from Reich’s musicology to Kim Jong-il’s architectural theory, from Matsuo Bashō’s seventeenth-century haiku to Baudelaire’s nineteenth-century poem, from Lewis Carroll’s nineteen-century novel to Borges’s twentieth-century novel, and from Antonioni’s twentieth-century film to Herzog’s twenty-first-century documentary. The fragmentary texts and images grope for the meaning of the void, trying to imagine its impossible forms.

ISSN 2234-5108
Text in Korean
11,000 won

ob-scene-6-low-res-3ob-scene-6-low-res-6 ob-scene-6-low-res-10

If the text partially responds to the space of the museum, the incompletely mimetic typography partially responds to the text.