Photo by Kim Sang-tae

This is the first realized work by the collective SMSM: Sasa[44], Park MeeNa, Sulki and Min.

The Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art Handspan Gallery Public Health Center Project The Power of Color articulates the issues of site-specificity, public and private health, art and the public. Installed on a wall of the Ansan Danwon Health Center, it was developed from our interest in abstracting and recontextualizing commonly experienced colors in public spaces. The palette we employed this time is based on the color therapy theory developed by Dr. Morton Walker in his book The Power of Color (1991). Color therapy sees color as a physiological element, directly affecting the human body, not simply as an aesthetic, symbolic factor. Certainly, Dr. Walker’s theory remains, as the theory of color therapy in general, contentious. What we are interested in is not any scientific plausibility of the theory itself, but the desire embedded in the system, the wish for healthy and happy life. That said, we do hope this work help healing and preventing diseases, as well as make the experience of the health center more enjoyable.

The Power of Color: Book

The Power of Color, booklet