This video was commissioned specifically for the newly installed Seoullo Media Canvas, a large-scale display screen on a building facade facing the Manri-dong Square and the Seoullo 7017.

Can a work of public art in urban space make people healthier? Beyond giving a sensual pleasure and symbolic expressions, can it actually improve physical happiness of the people?

In his book The Power of Color, Dr. Morton Walker argues that colors can help correct imbalances of the body and mind: a so-called color therapy theory or cromatherapy.

Color therapy is considered pseudoscience, not supported by scientific evidences. But it seems to share certain beliefs in the positive values of visual arts with some fundamental urges of public art. The Power of Color 7017 reflects a long for healing and recovery through public art: what if we have a gigantic color therapy machine in the city? What if we use the 7017 media canvas as a means to improve the people’s physical and mental well-being?

The Power of Color: Book

The Power of Color, booklet