Park MeeNa

Artist. She has held solo exhibitions in such institutions as: Kukje Gallery (Seoul, 2010, 2013); Doosan Gallery (Seoul and New York, 2012); Gallery Em (Seoul, 2015); SeMA Bukseoul Museum (Seoul, 2016); Audio Visual Pavilion (Seoul, 2016); and Gyeongju Arts Center (Gyeongju, 2016–2017).

kps-1 another-moon-small-animated Artists-Palette_poster Artists-Palette_web-banner-618-337-new Artists-Palette_catalogue_cover Artists-Palette_invitation-1 MeeNa Park: 24 & 36 Grays A School Motto MeeNa Park: Grey and 12 Ideal Dining Table for the Designer Mr. K BCGKMRY BCGKMRY, invitation The Power of Color: Book The Power of Color, booklet (?_?) (=_+) (+_+) MeeNa Park: Blue, Green & Red MeeNa & Sasa [44]: Kukje 080307–080406 The Lieteral Home Sweet Home A Revised Inventory MeeNa Park 1995–2005