Mirrors is a new series feature of Idea magazine about the graphic design culture of South Korea. We are the subject of the first two episodes, published to coincide with the exhibition Graphic West 9: Sulki & Min at Kyoto DDD Gallery. Following up on the first part, the series creator Goto Tetsuya and we talk mainly about our exhibitions and publishing activities. The conversation is punctuated by a series of pictures from the DDD show and concluded by a close-up photograph of some of the exhibited books taken by Gottingham.

The series design is straightforward, while the alternating asymmetric distribution of the columns – the English and Japanese texts are allocated uneven spaces on a given page, but they are balanced out on the next page – creates a gently irregular rhythm behind the simple-looking surface. The impish running head in a dingbat type slightly disrupts the objective look of the pages.

  • Exhibition photography:
  • Akihito Yoshida, courtesy of DNP Foundation for Cultural Promotion
  • Published in:
  • Idea, no. 393 (2021)