Peau noire, masques blancs

  • Book, 2014
  • Offset lithography, case binding, dust jacket
  • Page size 138 x 222 mm, 288 pp

The Humanities Library’s design identity is centered around the dust jacket that partially exposes the cover: for each title, the same 474 × 270 mm sheet is folded at a different angle to make a unique, tilted-looking semi-jacket. The typography is different each time, depending on the title.

  • Written by Frantz Fanon
  • Edited by Kim Yeong-ok
  • Set in Adobe Caslon, Benton Sans, Caslon 540, Sandoll Gothic Neo, SM Sinsin Myeongjo, and Yoon Myeongjo
  • Printed by Yeongsinsa
  • Bound by Gyeongil
  • Published by Munhakdongne