Sasa-Annual-Report-Rehab-2021-outlined-1 Sasa-Annual-Report-Rehab-2021-outlined-3 Sasa-Annual-Report-Rehab-2021-outlined-5 Sasa-Annual-Report-Rehab-2021-outlined-7 Sasa-Annual-Report-Rehab-2021-outlined-8

Two issues from disparate series, Sasa[44] Annual Report and Rehab are combined in this booklet, made as a contribution to 『Unknown Quantities 10: Saturation』, the annual publication created in collaboration between MA Graphic Communication Design and MA Culture, Criticism and Curation, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.

The tiny text of 「Rehab 210116–220115」, a documentation of Sasa[44]’s daily diets from 16 January 2021 through 15 January 2022 tracked as part of the artist’s self-imposed rehab program, forms the strokes of the characters, rules, and charts that together present 「Sasa[44] Annual Report 2021」. You can read either text depending on reading distance or eyesight. The text is set in Minuscule designed by Thomas Huot-Marchand specifically for very small sizes.




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