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Kim Seonghee, ed., Asia Culture Center Theater: 2015–2016 Review, Gwangju: Asia Culture Center, 2016. Offset printing, paperback binding, two volumes in a case. Volume 1: page size 210 x 300 mm, 160 pp; volulme 2: page size 300 x 210 mm, 240 pp. Printed and bound by Munsung.

This special publication documents the activities and achievements of the Asia Culture Center Theater during the tenure of its first director, Kim Seonghee. Volume 1 had originally been made as an internal report with a different cover; the bulk of volume 2 had separately been published as brochures for each program, and they are now simply collected in a single book. The two volumes share the same page proportion, except the orientation. New covers and a simple cardboard case provide a cohesive sense of wholeness to the complex materials.