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Yellow Pages: Hong Kong

Yellow Pages: Hong KongYellow Pages: Hong KongYellow Pages: Hong KongYellow Pages: Hong Kong

Goto Tetsuya, ed., “Yellow Pages: Hong Kong,” Idea 365, Tokyo, 2014. Offset printing, page size 225 x 297 mm, 16 pp.

Yellow Pages was a serial about East Asian graphic design, conceived and edited by Goto Tetsuya and published as a separate section of Idea, an international graphic design magazine from Tokyo. Each issue tells a story about a city and its design in the voice of a local designer. The first story is devoted to Hong Kong and Javin Mo.

The name of the series, Yellow Pages, is a conscious play on an Asian stereotype, as well as indicative of the series’ intended use as a reference. The title is literally expressed by the pages’ background color. The densely packed pages and the rough texture created by the bold, monospaced typefaces reflect the contemporary Asian cityscape.