Medium: offset lithography and adhesive binding

Publishing-as-Method-cover-1 mmca-14-1 AVP-Journal-5-cover-1 wc-1 TeamLab Impossible Dance Rainbow Sherbet Unjustified Texts Blast Theory: Catalog Future Art acct-review-case Rehab-front What Is a Designer: Revised Before/After: catalog Crow’s Eye View: catalog 100% Gwangju: Book The Transformer Good Labor Bad Art: catalog Ob.scene, no.2 (Im)Possible Landscape: catalog Double: catalog Song for Nobody: Catalog Countdown: Catalog My Way: Catalog How to Expand Ego Like an Artist Chung Guyon Space Study: Catalog Paul Renner Performance, Ethical Politics This Is Not Art Media City Seoul 2010: Catalog Works in the Open Air: catalog A Memo from the Korean Design History The Power of Color: Book Platform Seoul 2008: catalog SKMoMA Highlights Interface-Chronology Now Jump: Station 1 Guidebook Now Jump: Station 2 Program Unbalanced and Incomplete Guide to Dutch Design People, Architecture, City Seoul Stories HM APAP 2007: Catalog DT2 Off Kilter Tongue, Liberated!: catalog Charge Your Imagination: catalog Sasa[44] Annual Report 2006 Crazy Art Made in Korea Machine Criticism Tree Speak / Invisible Geometry / Robert Filliou