Specter Press

Specter Press is Sulki and Min’s publishing imprint established in 2006. The original impluse was to make books for the kind of artistic ideas that could not be realized as a physical form like a painting or a sculpture. Specter has published books by or about Hong Seung-hye, Park MeeNa, Sasa [44], Lee Hyungkoo, Jackson Hong, Lee Duegyoung, Jeong Geumhyung, Nam Hwayeon, Oh Min, Rhee Jaye, and Park Wonjoo, as well as Ob.scene, a performing arts journal focused on the “things out of the stage.” In 2013, Specter set up a joint imprint Workroom Specter with Workroom Press, with a particular interest in tracing how the modernity has been developed, transformed, and represented in art and design.


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future-art-cover-copy ob-scene-6-animated 299-terms-front Rehab-front Sasa_Annual-report-2015_package-1-copy ObScene-4_cover Sasa-AR14-EN-1 What Is a Designer: Revised Dimensions Variable, case Retromania Sasa [44] Annual Report 2013 DT3 Sasa [44] Annual Report 2012 The Transformer Ob.scene, no.2 Exercise in Modern Construction, Part 6 Ob.scene, no.1, front cover Two Faces: Book Imageless BCGKMRY The Power of Color: Book The Book of Greetings SKMoMA Highlights Heavy Metal (News) Around the World Off Kilter The Homo Species: Catalogue Sasa [44] Annual Report 2006 A Revised Inventory Wonjoo Park Hong Seung-Hye’s Method of Space Cultivation Our Spot: New York MeeNa Park 1995–2005 Show Show Show Tree Speak / Invisible Geometry / Robert Filliou