Specter Press is Sulki and Min’s publishing imprint established in 2006. The original impluse was to make books for the kind of artistic ideas that could not be realized as a physical form like a painting or a sculpture. Specter has published books by or about Hong Seung-hye, Park MeeNa, Sasa [44], Lee Hyungkoo, Jackson Hong, Lee Duegyoung, Jeong Geumhyung, Nam Hwayeon, Rhee Jaye, and Park Wonjoo, as well as Ob.scene, a performing arts journal focused on the “things out of the stage.” In 2013, Specter set up a joint imprint Workroom Specter with Workroom Press, with a particular interest in tracing how the modernity has been developed, transformed, and represented in art and design. •

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