Medium: offset lithography

Postcard front TeamLab Women in Design August 2021 Impossible Dance Ob/scene Festival 2020: Flyer 연계 행사 안내 리플릿 2 Rainbow Sherbet English leaflet front page Flyer Tense Switching: Poster MMCA Performing Arts 2018 Asia Focus: Brochure Poster Korean flyer front Invitation front A Tale of Two Cities II: Poster Unjustified Texts Imminent Commons: Live from SeoulImminent Commons: Live from Seoul Films without Borders: Brochure Blast Theory: Catalog A Tale of Two Cities: Poster/Brochure Time Mechanics: Catalog Future Art avp-journal-pre-cover-final-1 ob-scene-6-animated professionalism haunted-pages-1 kps-1 project-16-3_sulki-and-min-8 gray-all acct-review-case Seoul-Biennale_Brochure_2016-05-1 299-terms-front ACCT_Kentridge_poster-1 ACCT_Jang-Young-gyu_poster-2 ACCT_Hijikata_poster-2 ACCT_Martin_poster-2 Cryptographic-poster-1 ACCT_Time-Is-Out-of-Joint_poster-2 Rehab-front Sasa_Annual-report-2015_package-1-copy Yellow-Pages-Review-1 Marthaler_poster-2 ACCT_You-Mi_program_cover ACCT_You-Mi_poster-2 Artists-Palette_poster Artists-Palette_invitation-1 Kittler_cover-front ObScene-4_cover Ronell_cover_front Jeongho-Choi ACCT-BookWhale-EN1-cover-1 ACCT-BookWhale-EN1-cover-1 ACCT-BookWhale-EN1-cover-1 Asian Arts Theatre Opening Festival: poster Gli ultimi tre giorni di Fernando Pessoa Desktop MeeNa Park: 24 & 36 Grays Yellow Pages: Bangkok Think Things: Poster Think Things: Brochure Notturno Indiano Suite Nº2: Poster Navigation ID: Poster Everything by My Side: Poster Sasa-AR14-EN-1 Gli Zingari e il Rinascimento Time Mechanics: Poster Time Mechanics: Invitation Time Mechanics: Advertising Mosse_front Asian Arts Theatre: 2015 Brochure What Is a Designer: Revised Crow’s Eye View in Korea These Are the People in Your Neighborhood 100% Gwangju: Poster Requiem DT3 The Transformer Sogni di sogni, front cover Festival Bo:m 2013: Poster Toilet Swapping nature.gif / nature.jpg Deleuze Unfolded front Modafe 2005: Program Modafe 2005: Poster Jackson Hong: Mechanic Beasts and Fire Wars DT1 Perspecta 36: Juxtapositions Perspecta 35: Building Codes JVE press ad Flyer to Fly Jan van Eyck Academie Annual Report 2003 Trichlinnburg Entre Deux: Poster Yale Graphic Design MFA 2003 Yale Graphic Design MFA Thesis Show 2002