Medium: offset lithography

2023-Obscene-poster-print Swiss-60-s nitrate Mirrors-5-Pop-outlined-1 Design-537_RGB WE-ad-아트인컬처-3월 WE-poster-print-1 2022-Obscene-poster-print Mirrors-4-print-outlined-5 Postcard front Women in Design August 2021 Program leaflet 1 연계 행사 안내 리플릿 2 Homo-Faber-poster-s English leaflet front page 5-Reasons-for-BB-spread Admission ticket Flyer Tense Switching: Poster KM-postcard-front-A KM-invitation-1 Poster Korean flyer front Invitation front A Tale of Two Cities II: Poster A Tale of Two Cities: Poster/Brochure professionalism haunted-pages-1 kps-1 project-16-3_sulki-and-min-8 gray-all ACCT_Kentridge_poster-1 ACCT_Jang-Young-gyu_poster-2 ACCT_Hijikata_poster-2 ACCT_Martin_poster-2 united-notions Cryptographic-poster-1 ACCT_Time-Is-Out-of-Joint_poster-2 Sasa_Annual-report-2015_package-1-copy Yellow-Pages-Review-1 Marthaler_poster-2 ACCT_You-Mi_poster-2 Artists-Palette_poster Artists-Palette_invitation-1 Jeongho-Choi Asian Arts Theatre Opening Festival: poster Desktop MeeNa Park: 24 & 36 Grays Yellow Pages: Bangkok Think Things: Poster Think Things: Brochure Suite Nº2: Poster Navigation ID: Poster Everything by My Side: Poster Sasa-AR14-EN-1 Time Mechanics: Poster Time Mechanics: Invitation Time Mechanics: Advertising Crow’s Eye View in Korea Yellow Pages: Seoul Being Tschichold Mass Studies: Identity, 2015 Patron specimen K-1_cover Before/After: Brochure Before/After: Advertising These Are the People in Your Neighborhood: Leaflet These Are the People in Your Neighborhood Mind Stream Yellow Pages: Beijing Yellow Page: Taipei Three Questions on Death: Leaflet Gwangju Biennale 2014: Posters Crow’s Eye View: Poster Crow’s Eye View: Brochure Sasa[44] Annual Report 2013 Yellow Pages: Hong Kong Asian Arts Theatre Talks: Poster 100% Gwangju: Leaflet 100% Gwangju: Poster Le Nouveau Monde amoureux: Leaflet Le Nouveau Monde amoureux: Poster Participatory City: invitation front Lolita—The Story of a Cover Girl Festival Bo:m 2013: Poster Park, Hangang, booklet Park, Hangang, flyer Park, Hangang, invitation, front Life_A_Users_Manual_s Exercise in Modern Construction, Part 6 Festival Bo:m 2012, leaflet Festival Bo:m 2012, poster bmwglab_NY_invite-3 BMW Guggenheim Lab: Venice Biennale Press Event Eric Perriard Media_City_2010_poster_2 Unter dem Motto Works in the Open Air, leaflet Works in the Open Air, leaflet Works in the Open Air, poster Eye Trace, invitation, front Eye Trace, promotional materials In Numerical Order Really_invitation This Is Not a Dream, poster, front This Is Not a Dream, program BCGKMRY, invitation Mass Studies, identity Classic Multiples Cabbage Thoughts, invitation, front Cabbage Thoughts, promotional materials Cabbage Thoughts, poster This_Is_Contemporary_Art-2 (?_?) (=_+) (+_+) Twist Space, leaflet Invitation: front Happy 2009 Platform Seoul 2008: Newsletter Platform Seoul 2008: Poster Now Jump: Poster MeeNa Park: Blue, Green & Red Memento Mori: Poster Arko Art Center, re-opening invitation Festival Bo:m 2008: Poster Festival Bo:m 2008: Promotional Materials MeeNa & Sasa[44]: Kukje 080307–080406 MeeNa & Sasa[44]: Kukje 080307–080406 Happy 2008 The Lieteral Unitednationsplaza: Leaflet APAP_2007_poster_1_RGB APAP_2007_poster_2_RGB Out of Print, poster, front Imagery Play: Leaflet Imagery Play: Advertising Charge Your Imagination, poster Bubbles, poster Springwave, leaflet Springwave, poster Human_Right-s Graphic-Design-in-the-White-Cube Football Empire Report (Not Announcement) Toilet Swapping Welcome to Fusedspace Database Deleuze Unfolded front Modafe 2005: Poster Modafe 2005: Newsletter Jackson Hong: Mechanic Beasts and Fire Wars JVE press ad Flyer to Fly Trichlinnburg Entre Deux: Poster Yale Graphic Design MFA 2003 Yale Graphic Design MFA Thesis Show 2002